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Zenful Yoga partners with local yoga teachers and studios to promote yoga classes! 

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Nurtured by Nature Yoga

🧘‍♀️ Join a yoga class with Carlee to save 10% on a Zenful Yoga mat! 

Carlee Costello is a counsellor, yoga teacher and sound healing practitioner. Her love of supporting others has inspired her near 20 years of work in the mental health field. Carlee has provided counselling and yoga to women, children, youth and families in non profit organizations, schools, communities, residential and private settings. Through personal and professional experience she understands the importance of each step in an individuals 'Soul Journey'. Her ongoing personal exploration and work with the breath, yoga, sound and plant medicine allows Carlee to truly understand the impact each of these profound practices have in supporting overall physical, mental and emotional health. She is living her Dharma as she shares these healing modalities with others in fun and unique ways while healing physically and emotionally herself.

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East Van Yoga

🧘‍♀️ Join a yoga class with Angelina to save 10% on a Zenful Yoga mat!

My mission as a Yoga Teacher is to encourage the union of body, mind and spirit through creative self-exploration in a space that welcomes students of all abilities. I aim to teach classes that are a playful blend of movement and stillness, strength and flexibility; with a foundational focus on breath. From creative blends of movement and stillness to a sleepy savasana, students can expect to be guided into self-discovery, and a peaceful mind.

Fully certified and graduate of the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, I have had an extensive self-yoga practice for 5 years. Residing in East Vancouver, I've recognized that our community needs more opportunity to welcome one another and practice yoga. 

- Angelina, Founder of East Van Yoga


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Create your own Divine Co

🧘‍♀️ Join a yoga or ceramics class with Natasha to save 10% on a Zenful Yoga mat!

Yoga, Ceramics & Wellness
Offering guidance towards discovering your own internal Divine through the practice of yoga ✨ We value connection, love, & creativity. 

"Knowing that I am just a guest in this great knowledge and forever a student to the practice, always learning. I am not all knowing, and will not discover all the answers in this lifetime. But I am so excited to share what I have discovered, to learn what is to come, and to learn from you. What I do know is this sacred practice helped me to find my true self, my inner Divine. All I wish is to share the joys I have discovered through dedication to myself and my practice with those who are interested in learning. I am so excited for what I have to share with you all and I cannot wait to discover more alongside you!"

- Natasha Hillyer, Founder of Create Your Own Devine Co yoga


🧘‍♀️Join a yoga class with Abby to save 10% on a Zenful Yoga mat!

How to Flourish is a female-owned business dedicated to education on the importance of our multi-dimensional wellness.  We focus on empowering others on their healing journey through movement therapy and the unity of the mind, body & soul. How to Flourish is passionate about supporting you in this journey of flourishing to discover your true potential and innate healing abilities within. While working together, we can offer your the opportunity to find balance & harmony in all aspects of your life. 

Abby Verigin is the founder of How to Flourish. She's a IAYT-Yoga Therapist trainee living in Burnaby, B.C offering therapeutic movement classes both virtually & in person. Her classes are inclusive, adaptive & focused on a sensory experience to get you out of your running mind. She loves spending  her time outside in nature with her St. Bernard Daisy. 

Abby hosts in-person classes weekly at Killarney Oxygen Hot Yoga Studio plus she offers a virtual studio for pre-recorded access to yoga classes 24/7. You can join the virtual studio on her website. 




🧘‍♀️Join a yoga class with Tammy to save 10% on a Zenful Yoga mat!
🏷 Save 5% on Tammy's classes using code Zenful2022

My name is Tammy Norman, from Healthy By Tammy.  I help my clients: reduce stress, blood pressure, body aches and pains, and anxiety; balance their hormones; build lean muscle, a strong core and pelvic floor, mobility, and confidence.  I teach 3 styles of yoga and yoga breathing, all  are science/fitness based so everyone feels welcome: Bootcamp Yoga, Mobility Yoga and Suspension Yoga (Trapeze Yoga)
The cold and rain have begun! Would you love to exercise with a group but from the comfort of your own home? I have LIVE online Yoga classes in the mornings and evenings.   NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!  ZERO Commute , and direct feedback in class! 

Healthy By Tammy, MAKE YOUR HEALTH YOUR PRIORITY. Let’s get Calm & Healthy Together!

Call, email or register online:

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