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Nobody ever said eco-friendly products can't be amazing quality! 

Zenful Yoga was founded in Vancouver BC, the yoga-capital (and probably the tree-hugger capital) of Canada. So needless to say, our mats are eco-friendly, made from sustainable natural resources, and non-toxic, but they are also high-quality and incredibly durable. 

 About Our Mats:

zenful yoga cork mat
  • Cork is an inherently¬†sustainable resource¬†- it is both¬†renewable¬†and¬†biodegradable. The cork oak tree is unique in that its thick bark can be stripped off every decade to extract the cork without damaging the trees, which can live 170 to 250 years on average
  • Cork provides naturally good grip that improves as it absorbs moisture
  • Cork is naturally antimicrobial¬†which makes it super¬†easy to keep clean (you don't even really need to clean it, but if you want to you can wipe it down with a wet cloth).¬†
  • Natural rubber pairs well with cork since it helps with durability and density
  • Non-toxic, no chemicals


Pro tip: Since cork is absorbent, our mats are actually more grippy when wet, so spray a little water on before you practice. You won't be slipping around, and you won't need a yoga towel. 


We are Forest Stewardship Council Certified

Zenful Yoga FSC Certified

"FSC is the leading catalyst and defining force for improved forest management and market transformation, shifting the global forest trend toward sustainable use, conservation, restoration, and respect for all." 

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