Top 22 Gifts for 2022

Vancouver Holiday Gift Guide

Shop local this holiday season and check out these unique and special gifts from Vancouver business owners! 

Holiday shopping gets harder and harder every year. Most people just buy themselves what they need, so finding them something they will use (and love) is really difficult! This collection of the Top 22 Gifts for 2022 has something for everyone.  And the best part? You'll be supporting Canadian small businesses while you find the perfect gift for everyone on your list! 

Most of these businesses are located in Vancouver, however a few are in different parts of Canada but they offer shipping. 


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♻️ Sustainable gifts 
🌼 Woman-owned business
✔️POC-owned business
🧡 Indigenous-owned business
🎉 Youth-owned business
🏷️ Exclusive discount 


    Health and Wellness

    Zenful Yoga Mat

    zenful yoga mat

    ♻️ Sustainable gifts
    🌼 Woman-owned business
    🎉 Youth-owned business

    The yoga mat you’ve been waiting for! Sustainable, high-quality, and designed locally in Vancouver, Zenful Yoga mats are an all-in-one mat made from natural cork and rubber. The smooth cork surface is extremely grippy, and you won't need a yoga towel...when you sweat, your mat actually becomes more grippy! The naturally antimicrobial properties of cork make the mat extremely easy to clean with just a cloth and water. Support local this holiday season, and get the perfect gift for the yoga lover in your family! Learn more about Zenful mats here.

    🏷️ Save 10% on a Zenful Yoga mat using code ZEN10 


    Revive ‘Wa áynexwi7’ Day Spa Gift Certificate 


    🌼 Woman-owned business
    🧡 Indigenous-owned business

    Decolonize your manicure and support a local indigenous business! The artists at Revive ‘Wa áynexwi7’ Day Spa are beyond talented and were selected to participate in Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week. 

    Check them out at: 179 Whonoak Rd, West Vancouver

    For gift cards you can give them a call at (778) 227-4600 or email

    I am Blessed Mala Beads

    mala beads

    🌼 Woman-owned business

    Crystal, reiki and intention infused self-care products!! From Mala beads, to candles, lip balms and essential oils, find your perfect fit with any of our products🤍

     We’re a mother/daughter duo creating self-care and meditation products handmade to empower and support you through your healing journey✨

    🏷️ Use promo code ZEN10 for 10% off!

    Local Health Integrative Clinic Gift Certificate for Wellness

    local health clinic east van

    🌼 Woman-owned business

    When the person you are shopping for has everything, why not give them the gift of an experience? A gift certificate to Local Health Integrative Clinic can be used with any of our services including acupuncture, massage therapy, naturopathic medicine, counselling and more. They can also be used for any of yoga classes, workshops, or memberships. This will be the gift that keeps on giving! 

    How to Flourish Gift Certificate for Yoga & Wellness

    How to flourish

    🌼 Woman-owned business

    How to Flourish is a female-owned business dedicated to education on the importance of our multi-dimensional wellness.  We focus on empowering others on their healing journey through movement therapy and the unity of the mind, body & soul. Abby Verigin is the founder of How to Flourish. She's a IAYT-Yoga Therapist trainee living in Burnaby, B.C offering therapeutic movement classes both virtually & in person. Her classes are inclusive, adaptive & focused on a sensory experience to get you out of your running mind.

    🏷️ Use code ZENFUL22 to receive a free multidimensional wellness guide, Abby's virtual self-pace wellness program ($44 value).

    Healthy By Tammy Yoga Gift Certificate


    🌼 Woman-owned business

    Healthy By Tammy offers online yoga classes to help clients reduce stress, blood pressure, body aches and pains, and anxiety. Tammt teaches 3 styles of yoga and yoga breathing: Bootcamp Yoga, Mobility Yoga and Suspension Yoga (Trapeze Yoga).

    🏷️ Save 5% on Tammy's classes using code Zenful2022


      LivElite Athletic Wear 


      🌼 Woman-owned business

      Luxurious and premium activewear for both men and women at affordable prices! Designed locally in Vancouver, perfect for the gym, or lounging at home! 

      Unique Gifts

      Photo Organizing with Joanne


      🌼 Woman-owned business

      Hello, I am Joanne. I am passionate about helping people save, organize and enjoy their priceless memories. I’ve been creating photo books, and helping others with their photos for over 20 years. Check out my full list of services here. Follow along on Instagram @photoorganizingwithjoanne

      🏷️ Use the discount code ZEN10 for 10% off until December 25th. Coupon valid on gift cards of $50 or more. 


      Left Coast Laser handmade Metis ornaments 

       left coast laser

      🌼 Woman-owned business
      🧡 Indigenous-owned business

      "These Kokum and Métis Christmas Ornaments are an original hand drawing, individually painted by me, made to order in my home shop."


        Tattoo Gift Card

        tattoo gift card vancouver

        Tattoos can be expensive. It makes sense -it's going on your body forever- but a gift card of any amount can go a long way for the tattoo enthusiast in your life. Or even for the person who has been thinking about getting a tattoo for a long time but hasn't gotten around to it yet.

        These two studios on Commercial Drive provide professional services, clean and trustworthy spaces, and friendly artists. 

        Lotus house

        • Vancouver’s friendliest tattoo, barber, and salon service located in the heart of “The Drive”. Our shop is committed to community charity work, carrying nontoxic vegan products, and welcoming everyone into our humble little East Van parlor. We’re here to ink you up, style you out, and help you make a difference in the community. 
        • Website:
        • Instagram: @lotushouse.yvr

        East Van Wear Tattoo 
          • Located on Commercial Drive in Vancouver, BC Canada, East Van Wear & Tattoo Co is a friendly shop with clientele ranging from new comers to tattoo enthusiasts. Specializing in custom tattoos, and tattoo removal we have a variety of artists to suit any style.
          • Website
          • Instagram: @eastvanweartattooco 


          Grocery Delivery Gift Card 

          gourmet groceries

          🌼 Woman-owned business

          The price of groceries is going up, people are super busy, and grocery shopping kind of sucks. Help someone out by getting them the gift they never knew they needed: a grocery delivery gift card! Gourmet Groceries is a local, woman-owned Vancouver company whose mission is "To enrich Canada's economy by making it easy for consumers to directly purchase from small & local businesses, without compromising on quality or ethics."

          Food prices are NOT higher at Gourmet Groceries than budget-grocery chains. Why? > We work directly with the small business and build relationships with them and them alone. We pay the prices they set (and they get 100% of the payment upfront - they're not forced to wait until the product is sold by us, which is an industry standard as well). We get savings that way, which we then pass onto you. Why should you pay more money into the hands of corporate greed? Why should your money go into the pockets of unethical business operators, instead of back into the local economy? Why pay the rising shrinkflation costs for less quantities? Why pay into dishonesty? We don't like taking advantage of people. We are ethical, sustainable, local, and honest.


          East Van Bees Urban Honey

          east van bees

          ♻️ Sustainable gifts

          EastVan Bees Urban Honey comes from the flowers, trees, parks, and gardens of Vancouver, Richmond and Burnaby. All hives are hosted by local residents and community gardens. When we harvest, we maintain the neighbourhood-level origin of the honey in each jar. With honey from EastVan Bees, you can taste how Urban Honey changes throughout the year. Different flowers and locations around the city give each batch of Urban Honey a unique flavor. It’s sort of like the idea of terroir in wine production – the characteristic taste and flavor imparted on a wine from the growing conditions in which it was produced - but with our neighbourhood-specific honey, you get to experience the unique sweet-side of our local areas.

            This is a truly artisanal honey.

            What started as a hobby and one hive has over the last decade expanded to around 80 hives spread across the Vancouver region and become a full-time job.

            A special note from the owner, Steve: “We are all about the bees, and the reality is, I would rather be out with the bees than inside packing orders or posting on social media.  Every time you purchase something from EastVan Bees you are helping me in my desire to be spending time with the bees.  Thanks for all your support.”

            Clothing & Jewelry

            The Rez Lifestyle 

            big auntie energy

            🧡 Indigenous-owned business

            Statement Pieces for Cousins & Allies. Lifestyle line for your everyday wear. Indigenous Owned & Operated.


            Manitobah Mukluks


            🧡 Indigenous-owned business

            As a young Métis entrepreneur, Sean McCormick began Manitobah Mukluks with the vision of creating a successful company while benefiting his community. Today we continue that vision on a larger scale, as a global brand making a positive impact in Indigenous communities across North America.


            Copper Canoe Woman

            copper canoe woman

            🧡 Indigenous-owned business
            🌼 Woman-owned business

            We create modern, on-trend, Indigenous jewelry that's infused with elements of my coastal Indigenous culture and identity. Our focus is to design jewelry that makes a statement while maintaining a deep connection to ancestral strength and elegance.


            M.O.R Stone Concrete Oval Trays

            MOR Stone

            🌼 Woman-owned business

            Featured item: Concrete Oval TraysThese modern Concrete Trays are a Multifunctional piece for the home that can be used to hold jewelry, keys, or on your desk for organizing small items. 

            About the business owner: “My name is Natalie and I’m a stay-at-home mom of three kids. I love to create new designs in my spare time.”

            🏷️ Use discount code MOR10 to save 10% on your purchase at M.O.R Stone!  

            Soaps, Candles, & More!

            Sisters Sage 

            sisters sage

            🌼 Woman-owned business
            🧡 Indigenous-owned business

            Sisters Sage uses traditional Indigenous ingredients in our artisan soaps, bath bombs, salves, and smokeless smudge. In this way, we honour our ancestral teachings from our Gitxaala, Nisga’a, and Metis Nations. We strive to create meaningful products worthy of the stories they'll tell. And there's no greater satisfaction for us than knowing they've found a place in your home, helping you and your family feel better.

            Sweetgrass Soap

            sweetgrass soap

            🌼 Woman-owned business
            🧡 Indigenous-owned business

            Indigenous Soap Artisan creating Natural Soaps, Lip Balms, Sugar Scrubs and more! At Sweetgrass Soap we carefully select the best ingredients for your skin. Our goal is to create soothing products for all skin types with an Indigenous twist! We harvest sweetgrass year round to make a sweetgrass hydrosol, and to infuse in oil. We then formulate these infusions into our products and there you have it....a clean product with an Indigenous twist!


              Lily Lou's Aromas

              lily lous aromas

              🎉 Youth-owned business
              🌼 Woman-owned business

              Lily Lou's Aromas is a vegan and cruelty-free, eco-friendly aroma brand full of love and glitter,  started by the brilliant mind of a 9-year-old! Lily, the founder, started LLA as a homeschooling project and now runs her own company with the help of mom and dad and a small team. LLA also plants a tree with every order, donates to the CWF every quarter and is working with multiple charities for the holidays!

              One of LLA's best-selling collections is the Enchanted Ritual Collection. This luxury collection comes in a special reusable glass vessel. They also have additional holiday scents that have been added to the Enchanted Ritual collection which are an amazing gift to someone or to treat yourself!

              🏷️ Use code HEYTHERE20 for a discount on your first purchase! 


              Kiana Sosa:  Ellie and Lou Book Series

              child author

              🎉 Youth-owned business
              🌼 Woman-owned business

              Hello, my name is Kiana, elementary school student, and nature lover. I believe in a kind & friendly world for people and wildlife. My hope is to spread messages of collaboration, friendship, perseverance, and care for the environment through stories of kindness, teamwork and the power of community. My books explore how any act, big or small, can make a difference, help a friend, even change the world. I am very grateful for your support and encouragement!


              Second-hand books

               used books

              ♻️ Sustainable gifts

              In an era of Kindle and Kobo, sometimes nothing compares to reading a real book. Especially a classic second-hand book with that comforting and familiar used-book smell. If you’re an East Van local like myself, you probably already know about these awesome used bookstores, but I’ll tell you about them anyways!

              Pulpfiction Books

              • This legendary independent book store sells new & used books and was established almost 22 years ago! While our corporate competitors "diversify" away from print into bath towels, bottled water, chocolates & electronics, we're sticking with what we do best: an unrivalled selection of new, used, & out-of-print books chosen by readers, not algorithms.
                📍2422 Main St.
                Canterbury Tales
                • Canterbury Tales sells new and used books on The Drive in East Vancouver. A bookstore has been on the same corner since 1998. The Drive is a thriving neighbourhood of families, professionals (talented, gifted and academic) plus students striving toward their own personal goals. The Drive is bursting with eclectic readers whose interests cross many genres and the staff work hard to find them all the perfect book.
                  📍2010 Commercial Drive
                  Spartacus Books 
                  • Spartacus Books is a nonprofit, volunteer-run bookstore and resource centre. The store has been run collectively for over 40 years. Spartacus is the go-to resource for anti-capitalist, political books not found in big-box bookstores. Spartacus has an amazingly huge collection of nowhere-else-to-be-found zines by local and non-local activists, poets and writers! They also sell patches, badges, t-shirts, and posters. The bookstore moved recently, but you can still find them on Commercial Drive at
                    📍1983 Commercial Drive. 

                  Learning & Unlearning

                  The F School (courses)

                  the f school

                  🌼 Woman-owned business

                  We're an online school teaching you the skills that should be taught in school or uni but aren't. Like: how to deal with that creepy AF dude on the bus; how to ask for more $$ at work; how to practice the famous "self-care" without spending an arm and a leg on fancy candles; how to say no to your one-night stand after you've made it to second base and you can't afford a $50 Uber home; how to care for and advocate for other women; and generally, how to feel more confident in your own body, inside and out.


                  The Pink School of Wellness

                  pink school

                  🌼 Woman-owned business
                  ✔️POC-owned business

                  The pink school of wellness is a place for women to learn about wellness and personal growth while building sisterhood. We offer in-person and online classes designed to teach women how they can better love themselves, care for themselves, and improve their daily lives. Check our Instagram in late November/Early December for the release of our next course!


                  BONUS: If you made it this far, you may have noticed there are more than 22 businesses listed... Because I couldn't choose only 22! All of these Canadian businesses are amazing, and whichever ones you decide to shop with this year, just know that these businesses are grateful that you are supporting them during a very difficult year. 


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