Best mat for hot yoga

Best mat for hot yoga

Cork+Rubber yoga mats are the ideal mat for hot yoga for numerous reasons, specifically the heat resistant materials, extra-grippy surface (no yoga towel required!), self-cleaning properties of cork, and superior quality (lasting upwards of a decade), these mats are worth the investment and will save you money in the long run.

Lets delve in the details that make cork+rubber yoga mats stand out for a hot yoga practice:


  1. Extra Grippy Cork:

    The unique cork surface becomes extra grippy when wet, ensuring a secure foundation even in the midst of intense sweating. Bid farewell to the need for a yoga towel – this mat provides the traction you need to stay focused on your practice.

  2. Antimicrobial Properties:

    Cork is naturally antimicrobial, preventing the formation of bacteria on the mat. It's a self-cleaning marvel – a simple spray of water and a gentle wipe with a soft cloth is all it takes to keep your mat fresh and clean.

  3. High-Quality Durability:

    Crafted with precision and care, Zenful Yoga's cork+rubber mats are synonymous with high quality. Expect these mats to be your trusted companion for over a decade, withstanding the rigors of your practice while maintaining their integrity.

  4. Moisture-Wicking Cork:

    The moisture-wicking properties of cork ensure that water won't sit on the mat's surface, whether from your sweat or a spray bottle. Enjoy a slip-free practice that enhances your focus, safety, and comfort.

  5. Specifically Designed for Hot Yoga:

    Engineered with heat-resistant properties, this mat is tailor-made for hot yoga conditions. It thrives in the elevated temperatures, providing the stability and support you need to navigate your practice seamlessly.

  6. Enhanced Safety:

    The non-slip nature of the Cork+Rubber Mat enhances safety during various poses. Say goodbye to the worry of slipping and injuring yourself – this mat anchors you securely, allowing you to push your boundaries with confidence.

  7. Sustainable Materials:

    Our cork+rubber mats are crafted from FSC certified naturally sourced cork, harvested from the bark of cork oak trees, and natural tree rubber. No trees are cut down in the process, ensuring a product that aligns with your values.

In summary, Zenful Yoga's Cork+Rubber Mat is a multifaceted gem, offering unparalleled grip, hygiene, durability, and sustainability. Elevate your hot yoga experience with a mat that not only supports your practice but also aligns with your commitment to wellness and the environment.



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Recommendation: Get a Cork+Rubber Yoga Mat

Cork and rubber yoga mats are a great option for yogis looking for a mat that is eco-friendly, durable, and provides excellent grip. These mats combine the benefits of two popular materials and are a great investment for anyone looking to enhance their yoga practice.

Check out Zenful Yoga Cork+Rubber Yoga Mats and learn more here about the mats.

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